10 Meaningful Ways to Build an Unbreakable Mother-Daughter Relationship

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The mother-daughter bond is like none other. It’s an exceptional, unique bond that is powerful in the lives of both.

The love between both of you is unbounded, and your relationship can be complicated. Still, like all precious things, a mother-daughter relationship needs to be tended to with care.

Let us first face it. You don’t always connect with your daughter. She might be busy with schoolwork, on the computer, or with her friends. You may be busy as well, with family, work, other siblings, and many more.

Don’t worry; whatever your relationship with your mother or daughter, you can always make improvements.

Today we’ve got you covered with 10 Meaningful Ways to Build an Unbreakable Mother-Daughter Relationship.

"To know thyself is the beginning of wisdom." - Socrates

1. Listen

One of the essential steps to build an unbreakable bond with your daughter is to have listening ears.

You must be able to listen keenly to your daughter. Active listening is the key to handling hard times in a mother-daughter relationship.

Please don’t just listen to the words being said by your daughter; you should also try your best to listen carefully to the feelings between the talk.

You would understand more about the message being passed through if you tried to understand your daughter’s feelings and put yourself in her shoes.

“Happiness is mother and daughter time.” 

2. Talk and Communicate

It’s crucial for your daughter to know that she can always come and talk/chat with you if she needs to.

Make it a habit when you talk to your daughter; make sure that you look at her, and she does the same. Tell her, “I love you; I need you to listen to me,” in a calm, friendly way. Try always to keep the main point for the first sentence, and keep it simple, using non-confusing and shorter words.

Please don’t expect your daughter to be a mind reader. You need to communicate effectively, carefully, and clearly with her.  Be clear and gently state how you’re feeling and what you want her to know.

“True love is born from understanding.” – Gautama Buddha

3. Get to know Her Interests

There is definitely something you and your daughter enjoy doing together. You might feel you and your daughter are not interested in doing anything together; if this is the case, inspect something entirely new to both of you.

For example, take a dance, music class, go on volunteer work together, etc. Mother and daughter relationships strengthen when they spend time together doing something both of them are passionate about.

Also, it would be best if you tried to learn more about your daughter’s interests yourself and do things relating to those interests. If she likes soccer, play a soccer game in your backyard or the park.

If she enjoys reading, read together at home or spend an afternoon at the library.  If your daughter likes painting or drawing, try to make an art session at home and believe me, even if it is not that professional, it will be so much fun having this time together.

“If you want understanding try giving some.”

 4. Learn to Forgive Easily

Forgiveness is “an individual act,” and in your relationship with your daughter, you need to forgive by reminding yourself that forgiving your daughter isn’t just saying that what happened is OK.

It is to talk and express your feeling and saying sorry and teaching her the act of forgiveness because the power of forgiveness is for the individual who forgives. The better you can forgive your daughter, the better you can repair the damage quickly and efficiently.

“When the heart is won, the understanding is easily convinced.”

5. Mom & Daughter Date

Always try your best to find a particular time in your schedule to do things with your daughter.

Pick a day of the week or time of the day when both of you are free. It’s great to do it the same day and time so both of you can remember when your extra special time together is, and you will be more likely to be free.

Do something that would make both of you to have nice and warm time together like any sports (Yoga, Dancing) or even skin care routine, those moments would nourish your bond and have a memorial touch for both of you that would connect both of you much more.

“Love is when you can understand each other’s silences.”

 6. Power of Love

Needless to say, your daughter knows that you love her, but do you show this love to her?

Cheering her up on a bad day with a hug or a small gift, like a book or a stuffed animal. Going for a nice walk together, talk, and enjoy nature. Give your unique, encouraging messages every now and then, like “I believe in you”, “You can do it,” or “You are very talented in what you are doing!”.

Be always sure to praise her efforts above all time. It is important to let her know that you are next to her in the trying and the doing in all her life details, including learning to deal with failure. With support from you, she will be left with a positive attitude.

“Daughters are far more precious than jewels."

7. Let Her Be Her Own Unique

It can be challenging for your daughter to build her own identity. Your daughters might think that in order to become her own person, she must cut off from you. and that is why you should hold yourself from making her follow your dreams, not her dreams. She is an individual and she deserve to live her own dreams and you should support and encourage her with your positive attitude and love.

“Daughters are like flowers that fill the world with beauty.”

 8. Be There for Her

Keep in mind that you need always to be there, whether it’s through presence through advice, words of encouragement, an important event.

If you see your daughter having hard times doing anything, like school, sports, help her.

Get in touch with her teacher or help with her schoolwork. Be encouraging. Compliment her. Say, for instance, “good job” or “I like what you did to your room”.

“The most precious jewels you’ll ever have around your neck are the arms your children.”

9. Have realistic expectations 

Zalina @ Yosemite Park, California,  2004 hiking with 5 month old daughter 

It would be best if you kept in mind that Children don’t come with instructions.

Parents often experience discipline, but the critical point is how to enforce positive attitudes and not only focusing on raising your kids the same way you have raised with fixing the same old conditions.

Positive reinforcement is a key point of discipline as it focuses on intensifying what is already good in our children and ourselves as well.

Positive reinforcement as a form of positive discipline allows us to get into our children’s strengths, draw out attention to their personality interests, and as a result, allow us to connect, communicate effectively, and ultimately empower them to be more of themselves.

“A blessed home is not a home full of kids, but a home where there is peace, harmony and understanding.”

10. Be kind To Her

Zalina @Yosemite Park Campsite Curry Village, California, 2004 with 5 month old baby girl

Your kindness has a significant impact on your relationship with your daughter, and it will release the energy of positive change.

Don’t yell when things don’t go appropriately. Instead, remain pleasant and calm while you are explaining that she has done something you didn’t like, or you don’t want her to do again.

Don’t be sarcastic or critical when delivering an important message to your daughter.

Also, keep in mind to give real reasons for what you are looking for from her, not just saying “because I said so.” Your daughter will be more responsive if she realizes there is danger in what she did. 

When you respect, you will get respect. Of course, you’re the mom, and you deserve a certain kind of power, but your daughter needs you to honor her boundaries, too.

Finally, ask yourself if you’re doing great with your mother-daughter relationship and your actions.

How do you nurture your mother-daughter relationship?

Let us know in the comments below!

“A mother’s treasure is her daughter.”  

Zalina’s daughter Ariana @4 years old loved gifting wildflowers everyday. On this day Dec 5, 2022 she turned 19.  A mum’s treasure. 

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