Quote A pioneer of inside out beauty, health, wealth and wellness. Nature lover Zalina`s early intuition comfirmed her recognition that chemicals used in skin care were adversely affecting the body`s largest organ (skin)! She also recognized a cosmic void in the cosmetic industry for 100% organic and natural products. Zalina recognized that prevailing industry products were not up to her high standards of quality, purity and efficacy. So she started Zalina Swiss Organic to formulate them - for herself, family, friends, beauty masterclass clients and for women who refuse to compromise their health and wellbeing for beauty. Zalina`s products are made from the finest and supercritical plant extracts to regenerate, repair, restore and boost skin health and balance the immune system.

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QuoteI`m very passionate about skin care and beauty. I am grateful to formulate products inspired by the warmth of the Caribbean, the energy of New York and the PRISTINE purity of my surroundings here in Switzerland. Zalina Swiss Organic skin care is formulated with love, passion and empathy that not only makes your skin beautiful but also elevates your senses and improves your skin health and quality of life.


Join Zalina for your ultimate immersive beauty experience: the Zalina Seamless Beauty & Green Beauty Class. During this intimate session, you will learn about natural ingredients and application techniques from Zalina herself. Zalina will share how to apply her award-winning, Luxury Swiss Organic skincare and beauty products for beautiful, healthy, glowing skin, plus personal tips to green your beauty routine.

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QuoteReveal your natural beauty, rather than mask it. ZALINA's signature-look is a radiant glow and an orgasmic fresh look.

QuoteEveryone associates me with Brazil, but Trinidad and Tobago is where my love of all things natural and beauty began. As a teenager I was curious about my health, beauty and happiness and discovered beauty starts within. My Mum taught me how to harness the healing powers of nature in my skincare and with foods. Mum`s kitchen was my creative mindvalley formulation lab for preparing green face smoothies with aloe vera, face scrubs with brown sugar and lemon juice, avocado and coconut oil hair/face mask and bikini-body wax made with melted brown sugar with lemon juice. She helped me sort out the best healing plants to use in my formulas. On weekends I hosted home spa self care for my older siblings and mum. I would prepare all the scrubs, masks, face oils and treat them to facials, manicures and pedicures. - I always felt happy and excited about beauty and wellness, and am still passionate to help others embrace beauty from the inside out and to radiate confidence and contentment.

Beauty is happiness you create for yourself and others. It’s the moments that build the women we become and strive to be. Beauty is in the heart, and in the way it expresses itself through us.

Quote I got tired of using overpriced products made of ineffective and toxic ingredients. With consumerism ever rising, the need for high-quality ingredients beckoned me to fill that cosmic void. I felt if I was searching for products that were not harmful to my wellbeing, my clients and other women across the globe must be also. So I decided to use my creativity and inspiration to develop Zalina Swiss Organic.

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  • Mir Schouten, BASc.Oct 03, 2022

    I am so happy there finally are honest, healthy beauty products that respect nature! Thanks so much Zalina! Warm regards, Mir Schouten of Mir and Joel’s health and wellBEing Café.

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