Superfood Herbal Supplements

Zalina’s My Superfoods supports a healthy, active and balanced life style which will help you to nourish your body and add vitality to your daily eating habits.

Superfoods are a variety of leaves, stems, fruits, seeds and plants that have a naturally rich nutritional profile. Typically, they grow in the wild in extreme places with a severe climate, such as mountain peaks, jungles or desert.  Essentially, they contain enzymes, rich minerals, antioxidants and natural antibodies in the form of phytonutrients, which act as the plant’s immune system against the pressures of its harsh environment.

Superfoods are extremely rich in anti-oxidants (they have a high ORAC value). Anti-oxidants can neutralize harmful free radicals in our body and eliminate their damaging effects. In this way, our cells are protected, allowing the body to stay young and healthy.


Superfoods along with a balanced diet can help to ensure a healthy life style.

Superfoods can easily meet or supplement our daily requirement of fruit and vegetables. Their nutritional profile is much better than the profile of processed or refined foods.

Superfoods can add value to your healthy and active lifestyle. You cannot live by superfoods alone! It remains of vital importance to have a varied and balanced diet, so that you get a broad spectrum of all the nutrients you need. No single product can give your body everything it requires.

Premium Sustainable Pouch Packaging

Zalina's MY SUPERFOODS  packaging offers a combination of sustainability and optimum protection. Our metallised pouch features the “Made for Recycling” seal! When the customer disposes of the pouch, it enters the recycling loop and can be reused. Our pouch design protects both your product and the environment! This is possible as it is made from durable mono plastic with a highly innovative metallised inner layer. The mono plastic can be fully recycled to keep it in the recycling loop. It does not get incinerated or, in the worst case scenario, end up in the ocean, like normal “multi-material structures” (e.g.PE/PET).