Mindful Beauty: An Evolution Of Beauty Movement

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Most of us are more than well acquainted with the idea of mindfulness. From embracing weekly yoga classes to taking up daily journaling, we’re all being encouraged to switch off and hone in on our physical and mental wellbeing. 

The philosophy of mindfulness has crept into our relationship with food and how we parent with the help of new-age how-to books.

Unsurprisingly, the mindfulness wave hit our beauty and wellness routines a few years back.

There’s a growing interest in crystal-inspired products that elevate your routines – as well as an increasing appreciation for cleansing balms and oils, which encourage you to incorporate massage into your evening routine.

Being mindful and caring about yourself is something we are all born with. As kids, before our brain gets packed with information, we are much more in tune with our sense of being and feelings. 

As time and years go on and our lives take shape and become more cluttered and piled with life matters, being ‘in the moment’ and staying in tune with what is happening inside and outside of our body can prove more difficult. 

Is It a Lifestyle Or Beauty Philosophy?

No one can deny that It’s essential to make time to stop and be aware of your actions, your feelings, your thoughts. Every step we take has a consequence; being conscious of that action is critical. Many experts believe that finding a balance between mind, body, and soul leads to a happier life. But how can we apply this principle to our skincare regime?

Many experts define mindfulness as linking knowledge and consciousness, science and intuition in everything we do. You cannot underestimate the importance of our skin, it’s our biggest organ, and as the epidermis acquires from the embryonic layer (ectoderm) in the brain, our skin and emotions are deeply connected.

Being mindful of your skin first means knowing what you are applying to your skin and what you are consuming into your body. 

On the other hand, many other experts think that mindful beauty is more of a lifestyle rather than a unique stamp you can look for on the labels of the products you purchase.

The definition of mindful beauty can be both a lifestyle choice and a beauty philosophy, as others experts think.

The exact definition of mindful beauty varies from person to person. However, the shared belief is tailoring your techniques and routine to be customized specifically to your skin and needs. Forget about the traditional advice you grew up with and start to figure out what works best for your skin, body and use it with intention.

What Can We Learn From Mindful Beauty?

We can all learn something from the evolution of mindful beauty. Suppose it helps amplify the fulfilment and relaxation we get from our makeup and skincare routines. In that case, it can only be good for us.

Please keep in mind that mindful beauty is personal. There’s no way that what you visualize mindful beauty is the same as another’s. It always depends on what your skin or body needs and not what society sees fit.

There is no such thing as a unique and perfect mindful beauty routine. It’s better to be patiently learning and practising an imperfect routine rather than not being mindful of your beauty consumption at all.

Self-Care In Action

Consequently, the mindful beauty movement has also become a way for people to be more self-aware of how different beauty products impact their mental health. Being more aware of themselves and what their bodies needs definitely helped remove stress from my day-to-day.

The mindful beauty movement seems to be similar to other beauty movements, such as slow beauty, holistic beauty, and clean beauty. They’re all adjusted towards a sustainable beauty routine where you are responsive to taking control of caring for yourself while caring for the people around you, which is pretty awesome to seize your moment and live your true happiness!

Final Thoughts...

It’s now up to each of us to check out for such beauty products companies and become more conscious, mindful consumers, asking ourselves: Where has this come from? How is it packaged? What does it contain? Why is it better for me?

Let’s all make a responsive effort to be more mindful in our everyday actions, respecting our environment and ourselves. We will ensure a brighter and happier future indeed. Be aware that every moment and the future will unfold as it should!

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