Youthful Glow Feel Great Smoothie

Zalina Wälchli green smoothie recipe

Youthful Glow

Inside Out Beautiful Youthful You
As our we age chronologically, our body organs decline, but our skin is the organ where this process is most visible. We can protect our skin against ageing and look youthful by consuming lots of macro and micro nutrients (fruits and super green vegetables) each day. This prevents oxidative stress caused by free radicals..


Avocado (peeled)


Green Apple


Lemon (peeled)



1 handful

Baby Spinach

1 handful

Himalaya salt


Hemp oil

1 tablespoon

Zalina Matcha

½  teaspoon

Zalina Moringa

1 teaspoon

Zalina hemp seed (coming soon)

1 teaspoon


How to prepare

  • Cut the avocado, apple, cucumber and lemon into pieces.
  • Put everything into the blender and mix until you have a creamy smoothie.
  • Finish with hemp seed.
  • TIP: add honey or maple syrup make the smoothie a little bit sweeter.

Yours in health and gratitude,



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