Zalina Swiss Organic is not just a brand; it’s a heritage of transformation and purity, born from the visionary mind of Zalina Wälchli, an innovator and leader in the green beauty and wellness realm. With an illustrious career spanning various disciplines, a mum of two young adults, a tech "geek" holds a B.B.A. in Management Information Systems, Certified Cosmetic Science Formulator, Yoga Teacher, Health & Fitness Coach, Celebrity Makeup Artist-Stylist, Beauty Image Consultant, Business Mentor, Author and Podcaster.

Her early intuition confirmed her recognition that chemicals used in skin care and food were adversely affecting the body`s largest organ (skin) and well-being! She also recognized a cosmic void in the cosmetic and food industry for 100% organic and natural products. Zalina recognized that prevailing industry products were not up to her high standards of quality, purity and efficacy. So she started a luxury indie brand, Zalina Swiss Organic to formulate them - for herself, family, friends, beauty masterclass clients and for women who refuse to compromise their health and wellbeing for beauty.

Zalina embodies the spirit of holistic wellness and sustainable beauty, merging the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda with the pristine essence of the Swiss Alps.

Our story began with a spark of intuition and a profound understanding of the symbiotic relationship between our health and the natural world. Disturbed by the rampant use of harmful chemicals in beauty and wellness products, Zalina set out to revolutionize the industry. Her mission was clear: to craft luxurious, 100% organic, and ethically produced formulations that nurture and celebrate the skin’s natural beauty without compromising health or environmental integrity.

At ZSO, we delve deep into the roots of herbal wisdom, extracting nature’s most potent essences to create skincare and wellness products that are as effective as they are pure. Inspired by Zalina’s rich East Indian heritage and Ayurvedic principles, our line is designed to address the unique needs of each individual, fostering a harmonious balance between the body and nature.

Our commitment to excellence and sustainability is reflected in every aspect of our brand. From our supercritical plant extracts to our eco-friendly packaging and ethical sourcing practices, we ensure that every product is a beacon of quality, purity, and efficacy.

But ZSO is more than a skincare brand; it’s a movement. We are dedicated to empowering women and young adults across the globe to embrace their natural beauty, age gracefully, and live healthier, happier lives. Our holistic approach encompasses not only physical well-being but also mental and spiritual health, offering personalized wellness programs that align with our core belief: beauty knows no bounds.

Join the ZSO community, where we celebrate the essence of true beauty and wellness. Experience the luxury of Zalina Swiss Organic, where every product is a testament to our love for nature, commitment to health, and dedication to your beauty journey. Embrace the art of living beautifully and agelessly with ZSO—where your well-being is our greatest passion.

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 I`m very passionate about skin care, beauty, health and well-being and wisdom in finding the true path to ageless living.. I am grateful to formulate products inspired by my the warmth, vibrant colors of the Caribbean and my East Indian heritage and Ayurvedic wisdom from my mum, the energy of New York and the PRISTINE purity of my surroundings here in Switzerland. Zalina Swiss Organic skin care is formulated with love, passion and empathy that not only makes your skin look youthful but also elevates your senses and improves your skin health, and quality of life.


Join Zalina for your ultimate immersive beauty and wellness experience: the Zalina Green Beauty & Wellness Masterclass. During this intimate session, you will learn about natural ingredients, how to care for your body from the inside out and application techniques from Zalina herself. Zalina will share how to apply her award-winning, Luxury Swiss Organic skincare and herbal dietary supplements for beautiful, healthy, glowing skin, plus personal tips on how to live ageless and timeless.


 Reveal your natural beauty, rather than mask it. ZALINA's signature-look is a radiant glow and an orgasmic fresh look.



Trinidad and Tobago is where my love of all things natural, beauty and healthy lifestyle began. As a teenager I was curious about my health, beauty and happiness and discovered beauty starts within. Growing up around ancient Ayurveda herbal remedies for the spirit, body and mind was normal in a home deeply rooted in Indian heritage. My Mum taught me how to practice the science of life thru Ayurveda and how to harness the healing powers of nature in my skincare and with foods. Mum`s kitchen was my creative mind valley formulation lab for preparing green face smoothies with aloe vera, tumeric, saffron, ashwagandha; face scrubs with brown sugar and lemon juice, avocado and coconut oil, papaya hair/face mask and bikini-body wax made with melted brown cane sugar and lemon juice. She helped me sort out the best healing plants to use in my formulas. On weekends I hosted home spa self care for my older siblings, friends and mum. I would prepare all the scrubs, masks, face oils and treat them to facials, manicures and pedicures. I always felt happy and excited about beauty and wellness, and am still passionate to help others embrace beauty from the inside out and to radiate confidence and contentment.

Beauty is happiness you create for yourself and others.  It’s the moments that build the women we become and strive to be. Beauty is in the heart, and in the way it expresses itself through us.


I got tired of using  overpriced products made of ineffective and artificial ingredients. With consumerism ever rising, the need for high-quality, sustainable ingredients beckoned me to fill that cosmic void. I felt if I was searching for products that were not harmful to my health and  wellbeing, my clients and other women across the globe must be also. So I decided to use my creativity and inspiration to develop Zalina Swiss Organic skin care and herbal dietary supplements.

Created to fully harness the power of the 5th and 6th sense, this unique skin care utilizes the serene and nourishing qualities of ayurvedic sandalwood, Swiss Alpine rose to enhance skin texture, improve concentration and elevate mood. An infusion of lush, decadent papaya enzymes, seabuck thorn, rose oil at the top adds a distinct elevating quality and an unmistakably modern appeal - ancient wisdom meet modern apothecary.