Face to Face Mental Health Happiness Program
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Face to Face Mental Health Happiness Program

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 How have you been coping with the past year?

If the answer is "not great", you are not alone. There have been many challenges that we’ve faced over the past year that have severely affected the mental well-being of many people around the world. Concerns are growing regarding the pandemics' long-term impact on mental health.

In Face to Face Health and Happiness, there’s a 5 weeks program solely dedicated to Mental Health and Self Care where you’ll learn how to optimize your relationship with stress and anxiety, how to cope with challenges,embrace fear, cultivate healthier eating and exercise habits, and how to build resilience holistically.

You’ll get immediate access to talk to me live on Zoom to discuss and evaluate your situation and together design a program to suit your personal goal and desire. You will also have access to inspiring content. 

Plus, if you enroll by Friday, Jan 05, you’ll receive 20% off with code RESILIENCE. 

By the end of this mental health and happiness focused program, you’ll be able to:

  • Reflect on your current mental health practices, habits, and beliefs.
  • Why conventional medication don`t always work and solutions to start feeling better today
  • Recognize how stress affects you physically
  • I will teach you how to discharge your stress and cultivate mental strength
  • Acknowledge how your perception of stress affects your overall well-being
  • Describe how you can process emotions in a healthy way
  • Utilize resilience to guide you toward personal growth
  • I will teach you the pillars of sustainable nutrition and exercise 
  • You will learn ingredients for a healthy gut and balanced mind
  • How to eat to protect your gut from stress and anxiety with simple solutions for reflux, bloating and constipation
  • I will teach you how to be energized, feel good and happy everyday

Here are what my clients are saying about  into this program. 

To building resilience to support personal growth,

Zalina Wälchli 
CEO and Founder

Award Winner2021 Health Wellness, Certified Integrative Health Coach, Yoga Meditation Teacher, Wellbeing expert, Beauty Consultant, Award Winning Vegan Skin Care Founder,   Author, Holistic Wealth Advisor

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